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pixie with sparkles   Pixie Batts        

                                                          Hand Carded Spinning Fiber Roving

These unique special spinning or felting batts are carded on a Patrick Green Supercarder by Susan every once in a while as she has time. They almost always contain merino, blue face leicester, tencel and angelina and, depending on Susan's mood and color choices, may contain angora, alpaca, corriedale, Polwarth, Falkland, silk, cashmere, camel, mohair and/or llama.

bunnies angora in augustKeeper on the left, Gumdrop on the right

Ready, Set, Spin

#1 - Sea Greens

sea greens

2 available

sea green, greens with aqua sparkles

contains: merino. black & blue face leicester, tencel, Falkland and aqua angelina

Ply with Sea Glass or Tropical Sea


#2 -Deep Wine

deep wine pixie

2 available

Contains: merino, blue face leicester,and silk

with orchid angelina sparkles.

Ply with Viburnum or Sea Glass

#3 - Olive Greens $12

olive pixie


Contains: merino, black & blue face leicester, silk, and gold angelina sparkles

Ply with Tamarack and Spruce

#4 - Salmons  $13

salmon pixie


Contains: merino, blue face leicester, tencel, falkland and silk with pink and orange sparkles.

Ply with Sherbert & Ernie or Hibiscus

#5 -Dark Purple and Leaf  $12

purple leaf pixie


Purple is more muted than appears in this pic.

Contains: merino, black & blue face leicester with purple and green angelina sparkles

Ply with Larkspur, Leaf or Delphinium or Dragonfly

#6 - Sky $13

sky pixie


Contains: merino, blue face leicester, tencel, bamboo and silk with pale blue lavender angelina sparkles

Ply with Blue Lagoon or Clematis Vine

#7 - Bunny Blues $14

bunny blues

2 available

light blue is a bit paler than in this image.

Contains: merino, blue face leicester, silk, Keeper Angora, and tencel with multi blue sparkles

Ply with Blue Lagoon, Jeans or Evening Star

Once you spin with these you may never want to use anything else again.

Excellent for Nuno felting too. 

$12 - 15 each

Order batts 1- 6 here

Pixie Choices

Order batts 7 - 9 here

Pixie Choices

#8 - Purples $13

purples pixie

1 available

Contains: merino,black and blue face leicester, and Falkland with purple Angelina sparkles

Ply with Blueberry Patch or Blue Lagoon

#9 - Blue and Red Purples with Greyish Blue $13

purples and blues spinning batt

1 available

Contains: merino, blue face leicester, Polwarth and silk with blue adn orchid Angelina sparkles

Ply with Blueberry Pie



Each unique set of Pixie Batts consists of  TWO 2oz batts. You may purchase one or both.

Please have a second choice in mind as the selection is limited and goes fast.


Extend the usefulness of these batts by plying them with a tonal or a matching colorway.


Pixie Batts can also be made to order.

Two 2oz batts f0r $29.99

Write or call to let me know your color preferences.


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