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Hand Dyed Superwash Tops

         Superwash Merino/Tencel  

Panda SW merino/bamboo/nylon  


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Celebrate diversity. 

Revel in the uniqueness of your hand dyed fiber. 

Each pot is a wee bit different than the next one.

  Even though we use the same amount of the same dyes, the special way Susan mixes dye allows for each pot to be unique.

Your fiber is like no one elses!



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"The superfine superwash merino is certainly a delight to spin! And the created yarn retains all the softness and loftiness of the unspun fiber."   TH


"Hi Susan,       I thought you might like to know I won a prize at the State Fair from roving I got from you last January. It was the merino/tencel; I spun it finely and made it into an entrelac scarf. I got only a third on it, with a nice comment - and frankly, I'm going to enjoy wearing it so much that winning anything on it after having so much fun with it is gravy!   Thanks for dyeing such lovely roving!Best,"  Karey

Hand Dyed  

Superwash Merino / Tencel         washer

Woody Top

This superfine Superwash Merino is 19 microns soft. It was professionally cleaned, combined with 50% tencel (environmentally friendly lyocell process from cellulose) and pulled through combs to make a smooth continuous top. I use ProChem and Cushing dyes to make my colorways, which seems to soften this shimmery combed top even more.

Lovely to hold, it spins beautifully. Imagine this running through your hands and seeing the colors blend and change. Split the snake lengthwise and spin at 36-40 wpi.  Then ply the two bobbins together and knit up into a unique pair of socks.  Also makes great baby garments.


3 Sherbert & Ernie need new homes.

$11.90 each.


4 oz/113g for $13.25


ONE Pound for $51.00

Choose your colorway


    animated panda 




Get your Panda in a Dyed Just for You Colorway

The bamboo part of the blend only takes a little bit of the dye leaving lighter streaks which spins to a spectacular yarn.


  ONE POUND tonal

Dyed to order             $55.00

Tonal Choices

ONE POUND  colorway

dyed to order    $56.00


    All of our colorways are dyed in small dyepots with limited amounts of  fiber each. We try to stay ahead but guessing which colorway is going to be most popular each week is difficult.  We, therefore, usually dye to order which means your hand dyed fiber may take a week or two to get out to you, and at holiday times may take a bit longer. Also we really do not have dyelot numbers.  It is best to order the amount you need to get the best matches.



Panda Top

  Hand dyed in popular tonal ombrés.

This is the same fiber as is milled into our Panda fingering yarn but now you get to spin it for yourself.

60% Superwash merino, 30% RENEWABLE bamboo, 10% nylon

Spins beautifully.  

Comes in the tonal colors seen in the pictures below. The bamboo dyes to a lighter shade than the merino and nylon giving the tonal even more depth.

$14.25 per 4oz /113g twist

Choose your tone


panda roving top

L->R top: Fern, Forest Lake, Black Cherry, Blueberry Pie

bottom: Jeans, Bark, Sunrise, (Rose missed the photo op). Catch them all on our Fiber Palette page.


see our colorways here


Black & Blue face Leicester 

is also dyed in coordinating semi solid ombrés.

Other Fibers offered are:


Angora Merino

Alpaca Merino Silk

blue face leicester /silk


"The order got here today and I am totally in love with the rusty tones in the Plummy colorway. The online colors couldn't do it justice (at least on my laptop). I'll be ordering that next - after I spin the 5-fiber sampler and decide just which fiber to order it in...

Thanks again. I really do love your colorways and am amazed at the speed at which things arrive in my postbox when I order from you!"

Lisa K.


 "I don’t think I’ve ever spun a fiber I love more, or colours I love more than this stuff! And knitting it is pure heaven..."   Megan R.


Fiber Palette



Try our Spin Your Own Socks Kit with SW merino/tencel top in your choice of many colorways + needles + an original pattern.






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